Mellow Cat

Z-Quirp the Runaway Alien Kid

Here we have Z-Quirp, a runaway alien kid that Mellow Cat has taken in, and educated him in the ways of Orange County "Earth" culture. He's now ready, after a spending a year studying with the master Cat, to try his first unsupervised hang out at the local Skateroo. I planned eventually to have Z-Quirp "phone home" for money—his planet's currency is electronic credits that when "transferred" to our Earth's international electronic banking system are exchanged into billions of dollars. But, that's another story.

As you can see, Z-Quirp's special powers have been evoked (or provoked), and the Cat assists with some anger management. You can also see the Cat surfing on "gravity waves" using his special skateboard that accesses the ancient powers of the Ma-Bu-Hu.