Wire Frame Mockups

UX design uses wire frames to design concepts, and to validate interaction.

Low-definition wire frames are for UX design concepts and basic interaction design. Depending upon the level of detail they can be used to test user reception. Also, while in the low-def design phase, data tables and on-screen labels (Remove item from list, or Delete item from list) can be written and formatted.

Low-Definition Wire Frames

Wire Frame for Licensing Application

  view clickable Wire Frame for Altera.com Web site

Wire Frame for Californnia Motor Works home page

Wire Frame for Customer Mangement for cloud-based data center

Hi-definition mockups start the visual design process that includes palette design, branding and style guide compliance and visual language (indicators, and iconography). The hi-definition mockups can be converted into a clickable prototype that can be used for user testing and company product reviews.