The Apps

Excellent user experience design means great apps.

SaaS enterprise applications require the most intensive UX design methods. A SaaS app is the product, and the experience they have with it can make or break the product's acceptance and success. In addition, the sophistication and complexity of an enterprise application demands extensive user testing, a high-level of quality assurance including performance, error reporting, and quality of service.

The example of a Download Center required extensive download performance and installation testing in addition to front-end interaction design for selecting and finding the correct software versions.

SaaS Online Applications

Software Download Center for Altera FPGA Products and Systems

  View the live applicaton

While I was at AKiiRA Media Systems I designed several media summarization applications for both newspapers (iTwips) and video media services (iBlips). These applications included an automated summarization engine that scanned newspaper and video news sites, captured the content, and summarized both articles and videos. The basic interaction used a "short and long" selection of content, and aggregating the content into "topics" rather than the traditional subject index (Top News, Business, Lifestyle, etc.).

AKiiRA Media Applications

Washington Post Summary Prototype

  Download Washington Post Summary News screens

newZpad Summary News application for iPad

  Download newZpad Summary News screens

iTwips News Map Prototype