The new iTwips not only summarizes long articles but organizes online news into "stories" that can collect articles from all news sources. Users can even follow stories and gets updates as soon as there is breaking news.

Automatic Transformation

Transform content into summaries, and clips automatically.

Our smart media apps, iBlips Video and iTwips News let users view or read only what they want and get right to the point. With iBlips viewers can watch their summaries or view the original content with one click.

Plus users can view only the most important segments within videos with our new thumbstrip viewer. And then send only a selected segment to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends—it's like instant video clip editing!

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AKiiRA Technology.


Visual Meta Data

When we transform a video we automatically extract visual information and add it to the video’s meta data set.

With our smart media technology content providers can look into videos and identify the most important segments, celebrities, and even visual concepts such as home runs, touchdowns, car crashes, or political speeches —you can train our AKiiRA Media Engine to identify whatever you want for advertisers and users!

AKiiRA's powerful, patented media technology can automatically transform content and generate visual meta data in one integrated process —supercharging your content with information and giving your users a new dimension in content interaction.

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